Web Development for Qlik Devs - Level 2

Course Overview


For anyone that's attended the level 1 course or has a basic level of understanding of both web technologies and Qlik Sense and wants to learn how to use the Qlik Engine API.


This course wont make you an expert but it will provide you with a clear understanding of how all of the technologies fit together and a clearer understanding of how to use them.


To attend the course you'll need to bring a laptop running Windows and with Qlik Sense Desktop installed.

Day 1

Day 1 takes you through further JavaScript concepts to understand how data can be stored and transported and we'll also look at some more advanced CSS to help understand how we can make our sites more responsive.

The new concepts you'll be introduced to are -

  • Data types
  • JavaScript arrays, objects and classes
  • JSON
  • For loops
  • Responsive Design
  • Media Queries

Day 2

Using the concepts from day 1 we'll start to look at the Qlik Engine API and how we use it to create list objects and hypercubes. We'll finish the course by implementing some 3rd party visualisations into a web app/mashup, show you how to make your charts interactive, change sorting through code and work with selections and filtering.

The new concepts you'll be introduced to are -

  • Websockets
  • Enigma.js
  • 3rd party visualisation libraries
  • Qlik Engine API
  • Generic Objects
  • Qlik Patches

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