Qlik Sense Visualisation Extensions

Course Overview


This course is ideal for anyone that wants to extend their knowledge of Qlik Sense into the realm of Visualisation Extensions. You should have a basic understanding of JavaScript, HTML and CSS but we'll show you the important stuff along the way


By the end of this course you will understand the fundamentals of what Qlik Visualisation Extensions are, how to build them and how to integrate with 3rd party visualisation libraries.


To attend the course you'll need to bring a laptop running Windows and with Qlik Sense Desktop installed.

Course Outline

This course covers how to build Visualisation Extensions, introduce 3rd party visualisations to add new possibilities and implement selections and filtering that match the standard Qlik Sense UX. It will also introduce you to AngularJS and the different techniques and approaches which can be used when building Extensions.

The new concepts you'll be introduced to are -

  • An overview of RequireJS

  • An overview of AngularJS

  • What are Extensions

  • Creating an Extension

  • Defining properties

  • Integrating with 3rd party visualisations

  • Adding selections and filtering

Course Dates

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