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If you’re familiar with Qlik and its family of products then you’ve no doubt heard of its two most famous offsrping, QlikView and Qlik Sense. And, like most, you’ve probably also picked your favourite.

Marketed as a data discovery tool for delivering guided analytics solutions, QlikView ticks many boxes. Developers and users alike are comfortable with it, they know what it can do, how to use it and can build solutions with it. Creating a web based, let’s call it dashboard, requires literally zero knowledge of web development. Great! But what it offers in its simplicity it lacks in sophistication. It’s not responsive or hugely attractive and it has its limits. And, as you would expect, the arrival of a younger sibling has distracted its parents and now receives less attention than before.

Said younger sibling, Qlik Sense, has been met with some scepticism. Despite being told not to compare children we all did anyway and probably came out still favouring QlikView. But seriously, we really shouldn’t compare….

Qlik Sense is primarily “marketed” as a self-service data discovery tool. I say “marketed” because this really only scratches the surface of what it can do. It would be like Apple marketing the iPhone by saying “it can make phone calls”. You see, the real power of Qlik Sense comes from the DNA it shares with QlikView in the form of the Qlik Indexing Engine. Qlik Sense not only harnesses the full power of the Engine but it also exposes it in all its glory through a series of rich APIs. Something that QlikView fails to do.

However, like the Spiderman comics will confirm, with great APIs there must also come great responsibility. Something like that anyway. To really make the most of the APIs and the Engine, you’re going to need a bigger range of skill sets and venture into the world of programming and design. It’s likely that these aren’t skills attributed to your existing business intelligence team.

If you work for a larger organisation these skills probably exist in other teams but it might hard, on a number of levels, to “borrow” resources.

If you work for a smaller organisation, then this probably means hiring more people or getting your existing people skilled up.

The same applies if you’re freelance.

That’s where we come in, at Websy Limited, we provide advanced Qlik training and consultancy focusing on web development and the APIs. Qlik Sense is definitely our favourite child (ok so we kind of compared) and we want to share the knowledge we have and empower organisations to reap the benefit from everything Qlik Sense has to offer.

We can also provide expertise to help you develop and enhance your own solutions. We have expertise in the full range of Qlik products, as well as offering additional skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Angular and Node JS, to name a few. To complement our training offerings and web application development, we also offer services for OEM, custom connectivity, bespoke and on-site training, custom extensions, advanced data modelling and architecture courses and application health checks. Soon we’ll also be offering remote hourly support/consulting.

We're all about sharing too. You can find some of our solutions on Qlik Branch by searching for 'websy' and see us present at Qlik Dev Group events from time to time.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and get the most out of your Qlik implementation –

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